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Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art (HSLU), Design & Art


Six-month internship with Tanz Luzerner Theater (TLT)


University graduation lic. phil. I 


University of Zurich, degree program: History of Art, Medieval Studies and Journalism

Exhibitions / Performances



Participation in the group exhibition "Architecture of Memory" at the Architekturforum Zürich; curated by Sonja Elisabeth Fuchs and Clara Maria Puglisi


Participation in the group exhibition "Objektkunst im Fokus" at the Kornschütte Lucerne, curated by the exhibition committee of Visarte Zentralschweiz, August 22 to September 8

Participation in the group exhibition "Mythology-Inspired" with the video work "A Sicilian Myth" (see under the heading "Video"), curated by LoosenArt, June 20 to June 29 at the Exhibition Space Millepiani, Rome (my work was selected from 1298 submissions!)

Participation in the group exhibition "Goldrausch", Pop up Art Space & Stories, curated by WOM!-art, Paradeplatz 8, 8001 Zurich, May 8 to June 16

Participation in the group exhibition and cultural project "Venus of Muri. A search for traces" in Muri from April 27 to July 28

Participation in the group exhibition "Blurred Visions" with the video work "In the Eye of the Sea" (see under the heading "Video"), curated by LoosenArt, April 23 to May 2 at the Exhibition Space Millepiani, Rome (my work was selected from 1297 submissions!)

My video OVERTOURISM will be shown five times in April at stattkino Luzern as a supporting film to the Swedish documentary "And the King said WHAT A FANTASTIC MACHINE".

DEAREST UNICORN, OR: HOW TO CATCH A UNICORN. Single Exhibition at Redaktion, Himmelrichstrasse 4, Lucerne, from March 22 to May 8, 2024, eight prints will be on display as posters in the area in front of the "Redaktion". Vernissage: March 22, from 6 pm. Another print and my latest mini plaster works will be shown in the exhibition space. Curator: Stephan WittmerA catalog will accompany the exhibition, published by _957 Independent Art Magazine.


"67:33 - Cash & Carry & Curiosity". Group Exhibition at Redaktion, Himmelrichstrasse 4, Lucerne, on December 2

"Change is Strength - Swiss Women Artists Today", Group Exhibition at Villa Meier-Severini, Zollikon, from 9 to 19 November

Catalog: Maria Becker. "Change is Strength - Swiss Women Artists Today", published by SGBK - Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen, Basel 2023

"Art of Black & White", Group Exhibition at Valid World Hall Barcelona, Spain, from 3 to 5 November (digital presence)

"Art of Black & White", Group Exhibition at FotoZA Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 9 to 11 June (digital presence)


"Connected in Art", Group Exhibition in the Galeria Park in Timisoara, Rumania, from 6 to 23 June, curated by Elfi Thoma

Catalog: SGBK "CONNECTED IN ART". Galeria de Arta Helios & Park 2023 Timisoara. Published by SGBK - Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen. Timisoara 2023

London Premium Exhibition, Group Exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery London, from 1 to 3 June (digital presence)

Bangkok Photo Exhibition, Group Exhibition in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, from 4 to 9 April (digital presence)

"Jubiläumsausstellung", Group Exhibition in the Atelier R6 in Steinen, Switzerland, from 30 March to 20 April, curated by Irène Hänni

"umrissderrelevanz", Group Exhibition at the Chateau Hornegg au Lac in Zurich, from 23 to 26 March

"Gleich?! - Die Schweiz auf dem Weg zur Gleichstellung", Group Exhibition at Zurich Main Station, 8 to 22 March 2023, organized by Advance, Gender Equality in Business

"Mischwald", Group Exhibition at Galerie 6 in Aarau, Switzerland, from 4 March to 1 April, curated by Carlo Mettauer

HAUT - Group exhibition at akku Kunstplattform Emmenbrücke, from 14 January to 12 March, curated by Claudia Waldner


- "Schmaler Grat zwischen Pein und Plausch", by Susanne Holz, in: Luzerner Zeitung, 13 January 2023, p. 16.

- Podcast of "SRF Kultur Kompakt"

Kunstbulletin 3 / 2023, p. 75

- "Zeugin einer Schlacht", by Joke Lustenberger, in: 041 Das Kulturmagazin, p. 30f.


DESSIN - "I would like to believe that art can change the world." - Pipilotti Rist.

Group exhibition at Galerie Vitrine Lucerne as part of the Central Switzerland exhibition series DESSIN. 26. 11. 2022 to 06. 01. 2023.

Catalog: Evelyne Walker (ed.). DESSIN. "Ich würde gerne daran glauben, dass Kunst die Welt verändern kann." 85 Künstler*innen aus der Zentralschweiz zeigen ihre Arbeiten. Luzern 2022, p. 74f.

"Spacelines. Space in Contemporary Central Swiss Drawing" Group exhibition at the Hans Erni Museum Luzern with the drawing action "Haut Dessin", curated by Dr. Heinz Stahlhut, 27. 10. 22 to 26. 02. 23


- "Innere Landschaften auf der Haut". By Susanne Holz, in: Luzerner Zeitung, 16h of December, 2022, page 17.

- Kunstbulletin 12 / 2022, p. 117


"äh Lappe oder zweh", Cash & Carry, Group Exhibition at the Art Room B74 Lucerne. Sale: Saturday 10th of December.

Participation in the 9th Simposio di arte e laboratorio in Cefalù, Sicily, with the live performance IN MEMORIA LETIZIA and works on paper, curated by Roberto Giacchino, 26. 08. to 4. 09.

Catalog: CEFALÙ CITTÀ DEGLI ARTISTI. IX SIMPOSIO D'ARTE E LABORATORIO. Published by Roberto Giacchino, Rosalba Gallà. Geraci Siculo 2023, p. 64f., 113


- Tele One CH 16, August 27 (Interview)

- Gaia Guarino: Simposio d'arte e laboratorio 'Cefalù Città degli artisti: tutta la bellezza della IX edizione. In:

- Teresa Molinari: A Cefalù il 9° Simposio d'Arte: omaggio anche a Letizia Battaglia. In:

- Teresa Molinari: Al Simposio di Cefalù artista omaggia Letizia Battaglia. In:

"Sommer im Land", group exhibition at Atelier R6 in Steinen SZ, with six drawings, curated by Irène Hänni Epp, 13 to 30 Aug.


- "Sommer im Land. Barbara Hennig Marques, Brigitte Marty und Irène Hänni stellen im Atelier R6 in Steinen ihre Werke aus." In: Bote der Urschweiz, 11. 08. 2022, p. 11.

- "Von Papier, Rost, Brot und Mädchenbildern", by Sera Bego, in: Bote der Urschweiz, 16. 08 2022, p. 4

Participation in the group exhibitions "Tatorte" at "freiraumf3" as well as in "Dunkelfeld" in the "Theatergalerie" with various exhibits (paintings, video, installation) as part of the thematic focus "Red Line against Violence against Women" in Rüsselsheim, Germany; Vernissage: March 8 and 10, 2022. Curator: Karin Mairitsch.

Press Review: 

"Bilder des Unfassbaren. Die Ausstellungen 'Tatorte' und 'Dunkelfeld' zeigen das Spektrum der Gewalt an Frauen", by Stella Lorenz, in: Rüsselsheimer Echo 8 March 2022


"In Memoriam Pippa", Live performance in the public space of Rüsselsheim as part of the "One Billion Rising" on February 14. Curator: Karin Mairitsch.




- "Das Brautkleid zeigt die Opferzahl. Performance-Künstlerin macht mit ihrem Gang durch die Innenstadt auf Gewalt an Frauen aufmerksam" by Stella Lorenz, in: Main-Spitze, 15 Februar 2022

- "Im Brautkleid gegen Gewalt. Kunstperformance zum Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauen am 14. Februar in der Rüsselsheimer Innenstadt gelant", by Michaela Kabon, in: Main-Spitze, 10 February 2022


Group Exhibition "The Perfect Match" with my installation "Flat White", which plays a match with a Work by artist Carin Studer; this is how the drawn lot decided it. At Galerie Kriens, 26th of November till 19th of December, curated by Stephan Wittmer and Jana Bruggmann.

The corresponding Publication with texts by the exhibited artists can be ordered from: or @redaktion957


"SKIN", performance for the exhibition "same same but different" of the artists Miranda Fierz and Adam Pete at Harlekin Gallery Lucerne.

"Short Journey, Long Story", ad hoc-Performance together with Karyna Herrera in the context of the lecture series "Frauenpalaver" organized by the catholic church Stadt Luzern.

"Eine aussergewöhnliche Lage", art print for Andreas Weber's project "Kunst macht sichtbar", commissioned by Visarte Zentralschweiz to design the annual gift, a limited edition for sponsors. The related poster with a view of all X-ray images is exhibited at the Kunstmuseum Luzern as part of the exhibition "zentral!" from the 4th of December to the 13th of February 2022.

Corona Call Locarno, group exhibition, digital photo performance "The Lion's Lockdown", curated by Christoph Doswald, July 30 to August 22, 2021

Catalog: Visarte Switzerland, Christoph Doswald, Regine Helbling (eds.). Corona Call. Zurich 2021, p. 40f.



Participation at the Pink Panorama Film Festival Luzern with the Video "Louis and Zach".


Group exhibition "The Dark Side of The Lion" with the photo wallpaper "The Lion's Lockdown: Respect" together with Olivia Lecomte at Kunsthalle Luzern from 15.10. until 13.12.2020, curated by Karin Mairitsch (; @lionmonument_21)

A newspaper was published for the exhibition: Ausstellung Kunsthalle Luzern, 16.10.-13.12.20, edited by Verein Löwendenkmal 21.

Catalog: Kunsthalle Luzern, L21 (ed.): Lion Monument 21 - The Lion Monument of Lucerne Through the Lens of Contemporary Art. Zurich 2022.

Group exhibition "Just Darker" at Kunstmetzgerei, Luzern, with the installation "Flat White", 29th of August till 5th of September.


Single exhibition "Of Pears and Apples" at Kunstraum B74, Luzern, 21st of August till 12th of September 2020.

Review: Eine Stadt feiert Kunst. Spiel, Platz und Sieg für die Frau. By Susanne Holz, in: Luzerner Zeitung, 29th of August, 2020, page 34 - 35.

Single exhibition "Urban Search, Decadent Rescue" at Museum1, Adligenswil, together with Olivia Lecomte, curated by Stephan Wittmer, from 6.6. until 4.7.2020, with an exhibition of different installations, photographies and a live Performance on the 6th of June. (

Reviews: Draussen ist das neue Drinnen, by Alexander Gutzmer, in:; Freilichtalternative für Entdecker, in: Migros Magazin, 15th of June 2020. 

Participation in the digital exhibition "Walkie Talkie" of Museum im Bellpark, Kriens, with the photographic work "Die letzte Kassette" in ten parts, curated by David Glanzmann (@museumimbellpark;

Participation in the solidarity action "Skizzen aus dem Lockdown", launched by Visarte Zentralschweiz, with the collage "Bon appetit", the paper cut "April 2020", joint work with Claude Sandoz, "Die Zeit, die Zeit", joint work with Andreas Weber. All three works were sold at the auction of September 19th 2020 in the Kornschütte Luzern.

Participation in the digital exhibition "Selbstporträt im Lockdown" by Visarte Zentralschweiz on Instagram, Facebook, the Website of Visarte and in the printed Issue of the "Feuilleton" with the Video work "Keep on Moving" (@visarte.zentralschweiz,

Participation at the group exhibition "Town-Ho" for _957. The Independent Art Magazine with "Amber". I scented the whole Magazine with Amber and quote Melville's Moby Dick: ""Who would think, then, that such fine ladies and gentlemen should regale themselves with an essence found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale". Shown from the 13th to the 15th of March at B74 Raum für Kunst, Luzern and on other places in Switzerland.

Digital Photo-Performance "The Lion's Lockdown" in seven cycles with Olivia Lecomte as part of the multiannual project L21 of the Kunsthalle Luzern, curated by Karin Mairitsch.

Reviews in: and

Group exhibition "Das Loch ist immer noch nicht geflickt" at HSLU, Design & Kunst, Emmenbrücke, with the Installation work "Give it to Me", 6.3. - 13.3.20.

Short Movie "Conquered Concrete", together with Olivia Lecomte, was selected as one of the top 20 films of Ork_Kota_Platform 2020. It was screened at the venues of the 21. SzólóDuó International Dance Festival from 15.01.2020 until 18.01.2020 in Budapest, Hungary.



Group exhibition "Der letzte Giacometti", at B74 Raum für Kunst, Lucerne with the Photographic Work "How much I Love You".

Dancing Performance "Fed by Sky Dew" together with Olivia Lecomte in Kulturwinkel Luzern and at ZHDK Zürich in the context of "6 Choreographers Underground" (November).

Group Exhibition "Utopie II: Personal Fit" in the Kornschütte Luzern with the video "Louis and Zach" (30.5. - 15.6.)

Performance "Unwanted. Women Nature" with Karyna Herrera in Kulturwinkel Luzern


Degree show in the Lucerne exhibition hall

Large format projections of the animations entitled “Upside Down” onto the façade of the Peter's Chapel in Lucerne


1. International Biennial of Stansstad, group exhibition, video-installation „A Piece of Clay“

Dance/performance art “A Piece of Clay” in Südpol, Kriens (Dancer: Dario Dinuzzi, Voice: Zach Enquist)

Photography exhibition in the Lucerne Theatre for the premiere of “Tanz24: Timeless”

Screening of the video “I've Seen it All” in the stattkino Lucerne as a supporting movie to “Per Song” by Xie Shuchang


Group exhibition “cash & carry. 99.-”, showroom K25 in Lucerne with a watercolour painting

Long Duration Performance “Red Hot Glamorous“ with Dejana Valanovic as part of the 150-year anniversary of visarte Schweiz, HSLU Design & Art

Dance performance “Garba Reloaded", scenography and dramaturgy, Viscosi complex Emmenbrücke

Video-Installation „God is a Woman“, Teiggi 2.0, Kriens

Solo performance „God is a Woman“, Performance Festival ACT, Sierre

Performance „I Forgive You“, with Dejana Valanovic, Performance Festival ACT, Zürich and Basel

Video-Performance „ok“, with Dejana Valanovic and Nadine Pieren, Teiggi, Kriens


Solo exhibition „agere contra“, Departement of Education and Culture, Obwalden


2nd place for my project “Himmelfahrt” (Ascension) submitted to a competition held by the Aargauer Kunstraum concerning the design of an elevator

Photomontage "Augen auf!" ("Open your eyes!"), group exhibition as part of the campaign “No domestic work is illegal”, multiple venues in Switzerland


Guest curator of the exhibition “Spleen – von angefressenen Tüftlerinnen und verwegenen Sammlern“ ("Spleen – Of Obsessed Tinkerers and Daring Collectors") at the Lucerne Museum of History


Prizes, Awards, Grants


Works purchased by the Art Commission of the Canton of Lucerne


Admission of the poster "Haut Dessin" in the poster collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich



2nd prize in the competition announced by the Federal Council for the design of a central memorial site on the grounds of the Army Training Center Lucerne (AAL) with the project HORTUS CONCLUSUS / Flowers forever Flowers (together with Marques Architekten AG)



Nominated for the shortlist of the "Visarte Corona Call" with the digital performance photography project "The Lion's Lockdown", together with Olivia Lecomte. The group exhibition is scheduled in various parts of Switzerland (


The short film "Conquered Concrete" was selected as one of the 20 best films of the Ork_Kota_Platform 2020 and will be screened at the 21st SzólóDuó International Dance Festival, January 15-18, 2020 in Budapest.



The video "Louis and Zach" was generously supported by the Fuka Fund of the City of Lucerne and by the RKK Lucerne.

Diverse Activities (Selection)



Speech as a representative of the board of Visarte Zentralschweiz at the opening of the exhibition "zehnmal neu" in the Galerie Kriens in Lucerne on April 19

Participation in the Zoom service "Bread & Love" on the topic of "Stories of Projections" with the video PAIN



Speech as representative of the board of Visarte Zentralschweiz at the opening of the exhibition "Fast eine Skulptur" in the Kornschütte Lucerne on June 1

Juror in the anonymous site specific art competition "Rüssegg" under the freeway viaduct, organized by the project group KIF (Kunst im Fluss) under the patronage of Visarte Zentralschweiz


Since 2024

President of Visarte Zentralschweiz

Since 2022

Active Member of the Swiss Society of Women Artists (SGBK)

Since 2021

member of the project group KIF (Kunst im Fluss) of Visarte Zentralschweiz


Transcultural lecture including workshop on "Working with and on paper", organized by the catholic Church of the City of Lucerne, Departement of Migration and Integration. 

Workshop "Papercuts", organized by the catholic Church of the City of Lucerne, Departement of Migration and Integration.

Jury member at the open dance competition "WE-Open Call", founded by Mathilde Gilhet

since 2020

Member of the board of Visarte Zentralschweiz

2020 - 2023

Member of the Visarte Switzerland admission committee

since 2019

Active Member of Visarte Schweiz



Member of the Site-specific-Art commitee (WEKO/Kunst+Bau) of Visarte Zentralschweiz


Historic preservationist in the canton of Obwalden


Jury member in the competition concerning the copies of the Spreuerbrücke paintings


Historic preservationist in the canton of Lucerne


Internship with the painter and sculptor Jörg Niederberger, Büren.


Author of the volume “Amt Luzern. Die Landgemeinden” (The district of Lucerne. The rural communities), part of a series of books dedicated to art monuments in Switzerland


Tutorage with Prof. Franz Zelger at the Chair of Art History at the University of Zurich including excursion (English country houses and their art treasures)

Publications (Selection)



"Kunst im Fluss", in: KARTON. Architektur im Alltag der Zentralschweiz 59(2024), S. 34f.


ART AND CULTURE. What is KIF? In: SME Magazine Littau Reussbühl 2/22, p. 25.



Garba Reloaded. In:

Die Melchi-Gruppe von Richard Kissling. Das glückliche Ende der langen Odysee eines nationalen Denkmals. Jahresheft 9/2016, hg. v. Bildungs- und Kulturdepartements Obwalden, S. 56 - 65.


Künstlerische Interventionen führen zu einem neuen Ganzen. In: Eingriffe in eine Sammlung. Katalog zur Ausstellung im Historischen Museum Uri, vom 29. Mai bis 16. Oktober 2011, S. 31ff.


SPLEEN. Von angefressenen Tüftlerinnen und verwegenen Sammlern. Katalog zur Ausstellung im Historischen Museum Luzern vom 1. Oktober 2010 bis 20. Februar 2011. Luzern 2010.

Eine erlebnisreiche Velofahrt nach Blatten bei Malters mit Kultur- und Gourmetfreuden. In: Gazzetta della Donna. Luzern für Frauen. Hg. v. Judith Wyrsch Koepfli und Stefan Sägesser. Luzern 2010, S. 139-145.


Die Kunstdenkmäler des Kantons Luzern. Neue Ausgabe Band II: Das Amt Luzern. Die Landgemeinden. Basel 2009. Coautor: André Meyer.


Der Hochaltar von Hergiswald – Ikonografie und Formgebung. In: Jahrbuch der Historischen Gesellschaft Luzern 25 (2007), S. 66-69.


Zwischen Rom und Trachten. Das Frühwerk von Josef Reinhard. In: Josef Reinhard 1749-1824. Trachten, Porträts, Menschenbilder. Hg. v. Christoph Lichtin. Bern 2005, S. 69-93.


privat. Porträts Kanton Luzern. Luzern 2002. In Zusammenarbeit mit Nicole Henning (Fotos) und einem Beitrag von Sibylle Birrer (Essay).


[Art.] Wimpfheimer, Willy Karl. In: Biografisches Lexikon der Schweizer Kunst. Unter Einschluss des Fürstentums Liechtenstein.

Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft Zürich und Lausanne (Hg.), Bd. 2, Zürich 1998, S. 1130.

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