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Long Duration Performance with Dejana Valanovic


On the 19th of November 2016, visarte.schweiz celebrated its 150th anniversary on the premises of HSLU Viscosi. Dejana Valanovic and I used the context of this celebration to create a performance in which we brought glamour to the sober Viscosi site. Dressed in identical sequin dresses, we rolled out a red carpet for the guests, embellished the dull courtyard with a Porsche 911, “decorated” the podium with our dazzling presence on either side, and in the midst of beer drinkers, we drank champagne, as one does. We attended the event from beginning to end and reacted performatively to various situations. This happened spontaneously and intuitively, sometimes as a couple or as a team, as one or as two, in conversation or in silence, in motion or frozen like a sculpture. As such, our interventions could not always be clearly distinguished from the actual, organized event. 

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