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1st stage: Ideas competition
Cantonal administration Lucerne

The submission plans of Max Dudler AG state that "Metropol" is to become a public "place of encounter", a "place of communication". This means that "Metropol" will be an open house, architecturally as well as atmospherically and in terms of attitude. On the one hand, my project "WelcomeHello" would like to give a friendly welcome to all people who visit an office; on the other hand, it would like to support the goal of the architects to create a "highly attractive place of work" for the employees. In terms of form and content, "WelcomeHello" takes up the theme of contrasts - formulated in the material concept - by contrasting the solid Swiss architectural language, the "archaic" building materials, the natural and industrial materials, the subdued color canon with a colorful and cheerful world. A vacation for the eyes and for the mind! To achieve this goal, I work with different artistic techniques and materials. My planned interventions follow the locations proposed by the jury

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