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We all grew up with coloring books. For hours we painted the depicted figures, buildings, plants, animals. By chance I discovered old coloring books in my studio. Leafing through them, I began to concentrate on the depictions of women and girls. What image of women and girls do the depictions in these books convey to us?

The answer is:
Dorky, blonde, light-skinned, x-legged, long-haired, healthy, well-behaved, manual laborers, quiet, playing, with little animals, friendly, quiet, reserved, small, with short skirts, manga-like with big eyes sticking out, long eyelashes, heteronormative. 

This worldview is suggested to us from an early age: this is how girls are. With my series of drawings I question these representations by drawing the templates without preliminary drawing with my own style of brushstrokes on a large sheet of paper, so that it comes to an alienation in expression.

This series was shown for the first time in the group exhibition "Sommer im Land" at Atelier R6 in Steinen (August 13-30, 2022)

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