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Drawings and animations submitted to a competition for the renovation of the Peter's Chapel. The competition was held within the HSLU Design & Art, on behalf of Citypastoral Lucerne.


Projections from the 15th to the 25th of March 2018

Single channel video without audio, 1'39, looped


As the oldest church in the city of Lucerne, the Peter's Chapel looks back on an eventful history. Over the last 840 years it has repeatedly undergone -sometimes radical- structural changes. But also the interior of the church, including its moveable furniture, has been adapted multiple times to suit the prevailing taste. My contribution ties in with this lively church history and at the same time brings the interior outside during the reconstruction phase. I drew objects, characters and ornaments from the different centuries and revived them by projecting different animations onto the construction façade of the Peter's chapel. My goal in this project was to make sacred elements accessible in a playful and simple way. The intended alienation and profanation of the objects symbolizes in a cheeky way the churches' process of becoming more open to worldly matters. It calls for dialogue and points to a modern Citypastoral which is evidently blessed with a sense of self-irony.

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