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Worldwide, one in five women experiences domestic violence at some point in her life. Every three minutes, a woman is raped in Germany, and every third day, a woman dies in Germany as a result of domestic violence. 363 women were victims of domestic violence in the Gross-Gerau area in 2020, and 126 in Rüsselsheim, with an upward trend. These are the sad results. And the number of unreported cases is high. At most, one-fifth of women who are affected by domestic violence report it to the police. Few women have the courage to turn to counseling centers or the police. Shame plays a major role in this. Moreover, women with a migration background in particular do not know that counseling centers exist. Women who have been victims of domestic violence have to live with unimaginable fears and traumas.

My performance is entitled "In Memoriam Pippa". Representing all women, I dedicate this performance to the Italian artist Pippa Bacca, who was raped and killed in 2008 while dressed as a bride on a peace march from Rome to Palestine. I will wear a wedding dress on whose long train I will make public the police figures of violent acts against girls and women in Rüsselsheim. I will walk through the city center of Rüsselsheim; I start at the train station, the city hall is my destination.

With my performance "In Memoriam Pippa" I want to set a visible sign in public for all women. The shameful taboo must be broken, the public must be sensitized and women must be empowered. Art makes visible.


Photos: Dennis Albrecht

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