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Galerie im Theater, Rüsselsheim

11 march to 30 april

Dr. Karin Mairitsch, Curator:

"DUNKELFELD brings to light. DUNKELFELD sensitizes. DUNKELFELD touches.

"DUNKELFELD" is designed as a contribution to the thematic focus "Red Line against Violence against Women and Girls". In criminology, the term "Dunkelfeld" refers to the difference in the number of crimes that are presumably committed beyond those officially registered. The exhibition attempts to measure what lies in the dark on the subject of "violence against women and girls". It starts where repression, fear, ignorance or thoughtlessness counteract a socially and individually reflected and responsible attitude. Dunkelfeld leads to the roots of domestic violence. It leads to the people themselves, what they are capable of, what they suffer, how they endure. It aims to raise awareness of the horror and horror that women and girls have to endure every day.
Worldwide, one in five women experiences domestic violence at some point in her life. Every three minutes a woman is raped in Germany, and every third day a woman dies in Germany as a result of domestic violence. 363 women were victims of domestic violence in the Groß-Gerau area in 2020, and 126 in Rüsselsheim am Main, and the trend is rising. And the dark field is large. Eleven times as large. Because only a few women have the courage to file charges, to turn to the police or to counseling centers. The artists Barbara Hennig Marques, Sam Khayari, Kevin Knöss, Conny Kunert, Karin Mairitsch, Werner Neuwirth, Yannick Pfeifer, Lisa Rost, and Daniella Tuzzi, who come from Rüsselsheim, Switzerland, and Austria, approach this delicate topic in very different ways, both in form and content. What they have in common is a sensitive depth with which they make violence visible, as it is experienced by women and girls every day.
Taboos are addressed as well as historical references are made. Thus, the quiet, subtle, and almost imperceptible facets of violence are juxtaposed with the screaming, raw, and widely visible ones. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Karin Mairitsch, director of the Eigenbetrieb Kultur123 Stadt Rüsselsheim, who stages these different approaches to the topic of violence against women and girls as a nomadic movement between representational vividness, historically grown heritage, narrative depth and abstract emotionalization. In each room, she has underlaid a relationship between the artistic positions, both in terms of content and form, so that viewers can approach the theme in a guided and structured manner. The individual hall texts, lists of works and sales lists for the rooms are available for reference here."

Further exhibition in the context of the thematic focus: "TATORTE" | 9.3. to 2.4.2022 | freiraum f3, Frankfurter Straße 3, Rüsselsheim am Main

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