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Participation in the group exhibition "Blurred Visions", curated by LoosenArt, April 23 to May 2 2024 at the Exhibition Space Millepiani, Rome (my work was selected from 1297 submissions!)

The Mediterranean region has eight different winds, each with its own name.  That fascinates me as a Swiss woman. I am often in Sicily because I have an apartment there, and I like to observe the different winds and their influence on the sea from my small terrace. Over the years, I have made a video of each of the eight winds. Always about five minutes long, always from the same section. It's incredible how the sea can change depending on the wind. Not only the waves and the noise, but also the color of the sea. I superimposed these eight video clips and their soundtracks. The result is this video sequence. The waves confusingly run into each other, the sum of the colors are strong shades of blue (without post-colorization!), the sound is an uninterrupted sea noise. When watching the video, our eyes initially search for the familiar wave action that we all know and love. Over time, however, it becomes apparent that something is not natural.

The video represents the quintessence of the two forces of nature, wind and sea, which we cannot grasp with our consciousness. And to which so many people are exposed every day.

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