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In the Fall of 2013, the association “Hausarbeit aufwerten – Sans-Papiers regularisieren” (Value domestic work – regularize undocumented immigrants”) advertised a competition on the topic of “Domestic workers without official residence permit status”. My contribution, an A4 light-box with a  photomontage, was printed as a postcard for the campaign “No domestic work is illegal” and was presented to a wide audience as a part of a travelling exhibition.

Reaction of a domestic worker from Columbia: 

„Fear – Anquish – Dreams – Uncertain Future – Sadness 

Fear of being reported an deported to my country. 

Anguish when my son or my parents need me and I can not be there to help them. 

Dreams to achieve the goals I set out to come to Switzerland knowing my status as a irregular citizen. 

Uncertain future if I can stay in Switzerland for longer or if I must go back to Colombia where my chance to find a job is minimum. 

Sadness because many years had passed without seening an hugging my family." 


Reaction of a domestic worker from Peru: 

"Aqui nos muestra el rostro del dolor y abuso que sufren las trabajadoras domésticas: ya que en su mayoría son personas humildes que dejan su pais natal y su familia para venir en busca de un futuro mejor. Quienes muchas veces son explotadas y viven en condiciones precarias por no tener un permiso de residencia, ya que no hay una ley que las ampara; por eso muchas veces callan y se conforman por miedo a una posible deportación." 

("Here we see the face of the pain and drudgery that housekeepers have to undergo. The majority of them are modest people who left their country and their family in search of a better future. Housekeepers are often exploited and live in dismal conditions because they do not have a residence permit. There is no law that would protect them. They often keep silent and put up with their living conditions, because they are afraid of being deported.") 

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