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Switzerland on the way to equality


Group exhibition at Zurich Mainstation from March 8 to 22

I am very pleased to have been selected in the nationwide competition to participate in the exhibition "Equal?!" at Zurich Mainstation with my installation "Forever Together". 

Press release: "Under the motto #strongerwhenequal, Advance has brought together artists and companies to raise awareness of the challenges and benefits of equality for all genders (...) The large hall will be enlivened by 30 larger-than-life figures freely designed by artists from all over Switzerland. They are expressions of various aspects of equality, equal value and equal worth. The sculptures are colorful, encouraging, controversial and stimulate reflection and dialogue. Exciting facts and figures as well as interactions complement the exhibition. Behind the campaign is 'Advance', with 140 corporate members the largest business association for equality in Switzerland. Advance is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Member companies are committed to this exhibition and are taking unconventional bold steps to set a visible sign for progress, gender=equality and inclusion."

My concept, which I had entered in the contest:

I juxtapose the sculpture Advancine with my life-size plaster figure Dea. With her many breasts she reminds of the Greek godde
ss Artemis: the goddess of the hunt and the forest as well as the guardian of women and children. The two figures complement each other in form and content through their opposition. Advancine (they/them) shows no signs of biological gender. They stride briskly up the stairs with waving hair and swinging arms, finally achieving Equality on all levels. Dea personifies what we casually refer to in common parlance as an "egg-laying jack-in-the-box". That which does not actually exist, but which people would like to have - and women often feel they have due to the required multitasking and mental load. Dea can do everything: she gives birth, she breastfeeds, she hunts, she is powerful, she is great, she is wise, she is beautiful. Dea is a goddess. Unattainable and yet so human. 

Dea is made of white plaster (200 x 60 x 60 cm, 2020/2023). Advancine is also completely in white, to underline their togetherness by means of color. Both got red lips.


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