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Solo exhibition in the Department of Education and Culture Obwalden, 7th of November to 12th of December 2014

Welcoming speech: Government Councillor Franz Enderli, Introduction: Guy Markowitsch

"Barbara Hennig Marques, artist and former employee of the Obwalden Historical Monuments Department, displays works of art that enter into an exciting dialogue with objects from the past. The artist's work is strongly influenced by her initial profession: As an art historian, Barbara Hennig Marques worked for one and a half years at the Monuments Preservation Department of Obwalden before several years at the Monuments Preservation Department of Lucerne.

"The reflected and appreciative treatment of objects from the past has become a natural attitude for her," says art historian Guy Markowitsch. This attitude can be observed in various installation pieces. The starting material for three of the works shown in the exhibition is old worm-eaten wood panelling from a protected Obwalden house, which was supposed to be discarded as worthless waste. As "translocated ready-mades", the installations acquire their full meaning and effect in the context of the historical premises of the Department of Education and Culture. The artist's interest in the themes of value and devaluation can also be experienced in the large-format drawings on cheap waste paper which feature religious motifs and symbols from folklore. The same themes are also visible in two ornamental works inspired by historic ornamental models which were once widely used throughout Europe." (Christian Sidler, culture commissioner)

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