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Space in contemporary Central Swiss drawing


HAUT DESSIN  is my entry for the call for entries "Dessin". i am happy to be able to realize my drawing performance in the Hans-Erni-Museum (30. 10. 22 - 26. 02. 23)

Dessin means, according to the dictionary, plan, drawing, pattern, path of the shot ball in billiards. In this sense my contribution is a skin dessin, an art action with exhibition visitors: Interested people may sit on a chair and "provide" me with a body part. I connect with a body color the liver spots there, so that a body drawing similar to a tattoo is created.

Tattoos are known at least since the Neolithic Age. The famous glacier mummy "Ötzi" is said to have had 61 tattoos, mostly geometric figures, lines and dots.

To me, the process reminds me of number pictures: As a child, I loved to draw by numbers, ending up with a picture. I am excited to see what images emerge in the people who participate. In this case, connecting the spots generates a pattern, a design.

Moles, also called birthmarks, are something very personal. They accompany us through life, they change, new ones appear, old ones disappear. We have to watch them because they can change in an unhealthy way.

On the one hand, my work focuses on the aesthetic aspect of the drawing that is created: the human being with his or her individual body drawing. On the other hand, I would also like to address how we deal with the stains: how aware are we of their presence? Do we find them beautiful, do we suffer from them, are we indifferent to them?

My art action is not only something personal for the person who participates, but also for me: I get closer to a person I don't know, touch his skin with a brush pen and mark him. What conversations take place?

For the drawing I use a non-toxic body paint, like the ones used in theater.

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